Friday, March 22, 2013

3 Hoorahs for Chuck!!

If you like electronic tunes or are looking for a new album to run or relax with, check out Chuck Soo-Hoo's new album, "Tiny Elephants." Released in early January, the album was recently selected by indy music review, The Deli Magazine in Washington, DC as the Album of the Month!

Congrats Chuck, super excited for you!

Known as the electronic music artist, Ki Oni, Chuck works with me at Artisphere and in his free time co-runs Joy Pop Records. He recently had a successful art exhibition in Richmond, Va. at Gallery 5 which combined the audio and visual worlds for a unique art experience. 

If you're interest in purchasing his music, visit his page at - Ki Oni, "Tiny Elephants."  I think my favorite track is "Trees (Bodhi)." $5.00 is a pretty awesome deal for an Album of the Month.  Eat your heart, indy music lovers.

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