Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Capital Cooking Posts - aka, Why I haven't had the time to post anything here on my own blog. ;o)

Colonial Herb Garden in Yorktown, Va. - May 2012

The wonderful amazing wine tasting that proves that the Wine Cooperative knows what's up in the wine world: Bodegas Resalte de PeƱafiel Wine Tasting  at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center.  
The event was presented in collaboration with Pearson's Wine and Spirits, located on Wisconsin Ave, NW.

Also, I had the opportunity to do a cookbook review on 150 Best Desserts in a Jar, written by Andrea Jourdan.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the opportunity to try one or both...the wine and/or the cookbook!

Friday, March 22, 2013

3 Hoorahs for Chuck!!

If you like electronic tunes or are looking for a new album to run or relax with, check out Chuck Soo-Hoo's new album, "Tiny Elephants." Released in early January, the album was recently selected by indy music review, The Deli Magazine in Washington, DC as the Album of the Month!

Congrats Chuck, super excited for you!

Known as the electronic music artist, Ki Oni, Chuck works with me at Artisphere and in his free time co-runs Joy Pop Records. He recently had a successful art exhibition in Richmond, Va. at Gallery 5 which combined the audio and visual worlds for a unique art experience. 

If you're interest in purchasing his music, visit his page at bandcamp.com - Ki Oni, "Tiny Elephants."  I think my favorite track is "Trees (Bodhi)." $5.00 is a pretty awesome deal for an Album of the Month.  Eat your heart, indy music lovers.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New/Old Posts on Capital Cooking's Blog

The National Cathedral ~ Winter 2011
(I had to post this because it's my favorite view of winter in D.C.)

Oh dear, oh dear...Sorry, dear readers, for the lengthy delay in posting anything of significance. I promise a new recipe soon!

February was a busy month for Capital Cooking since Washington, D.C. hosted the International Wine & Food Festival, plus there were a number of restaurant openings, seasonal menu changes and general fun events to attend.

Here are two such events that I was fortunate enough to attend through Capital Cooking. I can't thank Lauren DeSantis enough for allowing me to attend these events. They were spectacular!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 -
Uncorked: Regional Food & Wine Celebration
Wow! Talk about a lot of wine and food. I thought I'd never need to eat again...but then I saw the dessert table.
Appetite immediately returned.
Funny, how that happens.

Saturday, March 2, 2013 -
Uncorked: Peter Lehmann Wines
I must state here, so that it may be publicly known, that if you EVER have the chance to attend a future showcase dinner offered through the DC International Wine & Food Festival and/or the Wine Cooperative, it is absolutely, positively worth the money. (Full Stop.)

This was the best meal I've had in a long time. It was well thought out, balanced and perfectly paired with the featured wines, yet could easily have stood on its own as a masterpiece menu.

Also, worth noting: A good friend of mine informed me that due to my colorful description of this event and Peter Lehmann Wines, she purchased a bottle or two of Lehmann's Shiraz for about $10.00 a bottle. It was a complete hit at her party!

No one guessed it was so inexpensive. Her guests even asked where she purchased the wine thinking it came from a boutique wine merchant. How often does a $10.00 bottle of wine buy so many compliments?

Better yet, knowing the wine is from the Barossa region of Australia may make you feel even more classy and wine knowledgable. If you didn't know that this info. mattered, now you do. You may even start self-proclaiming the title of Household Sommelier. Lehmann also offers several wonderful Rieslings besides their well-known and more widely distributed Shiraz varieties.

Foodie Hints -
If you view yesterday's Capital Cooking blog post, you'll see a scrumptious recipe for Barry's Guiness Braised Beef Short Ribs.  Guiness and beef?
Talk about a perfect pairing!