Monday, February 4, 2013

Books: Story's End

My friend and young adult author, Marissa Burt, just posted this announcement about her new sequel!

Story's End (Storybound, #2)

Just a few more days to enter to win Story's End ! Click on the link below to enter:

Which means the Storybound sequel is going to be released soon!  YAY!
The expected publisher release date is April 2, 2013.  You can reserve your copy today by clicking here at Story's End.

 You may remember my previous write up regarding Marissa's debut book Storybound.  However, I think our friend Emily (click here to read her blog, Emily's Hollow) does a far better job of  describing this book on her review from GoodReads -

Storybound (Storybound #1)"Storybound gives a fun and unique take on how all of our favorite stories have been created: from Fairy Tales to Pirate Lore to Cowboy Westerns. They're all created in the world of Story. When a girl from our world enters Story, however, everything begins to change. Una Fairchild finds herself transported from her school to a school in Story, where her fellow students are training to become characters: Heroes, Villains, Ladies, even Sidekicks and Beasts. She must learn who to trust as she tries to figure out why she was brought to Story in the first place, and how she can help its enemies from destroying the world completely.

Storybound is refreshing in that, while it is a middle grade novel, it is not written down for children. Many times when I read books geared for such a young audience, there is a certain self-consciousness to the book; I am never unaware that I am, in fact, reading a book. Storybound allowed me to fully immerse in the world Burt created. The descriptions of Story are vivid, and the characters all have plenty of nuance. For a book that deals with the stereotypes of stories, her characters have many shades of gray that make them real. 

The language and syntax is simple enough for children to read, but as a parent and an English teacher, I was happy to see a handful of words that might encourage young hands to reach for a dictionary. The twists in the plot found the balance of holding the attention of older readers, while not confusing its intended audience. 

I eagerly await its sequel."

If you have any young friends or friends with kids, I definitely recommend this series to you!


  1. Thanks so much, friend! So excited for SE to make it into the hands of readers.

    1. I can't wait to read it myself! I still haven't gotten my copy back from my roommate's sister. She works as a librarian at a school up in Md!