Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Fabulously Talented Friends: Christmas Gift Ideas

So, three cool things I'd like to announce regarding my wonderfully talented friends!  Keep these folks albums and books in mind when searching for stocking stuffers this season!

1.) Joy Deyo has released three songs off her new album Sweet Nobody.  (Click the album title to get an audible taste of her songs.)  She is currently in the process of raising money through KickStarter for the album release.  She is a wonderfully talented friend who has a sweet refreshing voice and who's music is set in chill tones.  It's the kinda music you want to sit and listen to with a glass of wine by the fire.  Prepared to get down right reminiscent.  For a glimpse of this sparkling beauty see her video here.  Oh and she just informed me that her brother, Jesse Deyo produced this album with her.

*Jesse was a roommate of mine back in the day and later married another roommate of mine - yep, I introduced them!  **Pats self on back**  There was a nice little group of friends that I used to hang out with in LA and it often included Jesse, Joy and their sister Joelle.

New Album: The Peace of Wild Things available now

2.) Paper Route, an indie rock band, is currently offering a free download off their popular album Absence (2009).  They are also offering up their new single "Better Life," all in celebration of their recently released album "The Peace of Wild Things."  My friend Gavin McDonald is the awesome drummer.  If you haven't heard this band before, you should.  They've toured with the likes of Paramore, Mutemath and Switchfoot.  Click here for the download.

*Gavin's Dad sold my Dad a cleaning business once upon a time.  We had that business for 13 years before selling it.  I also used to play with his older brother and sister and jump on his parent's bed...completely to the chagrin of their parents.
Storybound Cover

3.) My old roommate, Marissa Franks Burt just had a book trailer released in Spanish!!  Now being sold abroad and published by HarperCollins, "Storybound" is an enchanting young adult book that has been well received amongst many YA fantasy loving friends.  Click Storybound to visit Marissa's website, see the trailer and read a description and reviews of this engaging story.  This is the perfect Christmas gift for the tweenie bopper in your life!

*Marissa was my roommate both in Bible college and the summer after we graduated from Wheaton College.  She was the main person who drew me to Chicago to go to Wheaton.  I thank God for that little fact, often!

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